Stainless Steel Magnetic Self Stirring Mugs (re-chargeable)

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These mugs are motivational!

Not only can they carry your favorite stimulating brew,

but they set a great example!

  • They are magnetic -just like you! 
  • They are self-stirring -like you!
  • They are efficient -like you!
  • They have a defined purpose -as you do!
  • They need an occasional charge -as we all do! 
  • and they are ...well...a cut above "normal" JUST LIKE YOU!

Do you or your friends need one?   Nawh, the question should be:

Do you all deserve one?


 With Lid or Not: Yes
Model Number: -
Rated voltage: 3V
Rated power: 3W
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 6.4*8.5*13.5cm
Color: black, white, pink,