Read A BOOK Dummy!



I know it sounds like an insult, but it is actually the single best advice you will ever receive!

It’s simple we humans have a tremendous capacity to learn from experience …but it doesn’t have to be our own experience. Here are some silly examples- you don’t need or want to be the first person to figure out “it’s” Poisonous☠️ or HOT🤬or just plain stupid😩. And you don’t need to re-invent great things or ideas.

I can’t tell you how many genius ideas and brilliant concepts I have come up with - all on my own - I strut around thinking I’m some kind of gift to the world 🤩-only to discover someone else has done the same or similar thing! I hate that! 🤯Not only is it a waste of time, perhaps I could have improved on whatever it was had I known about it, but it’s embarrassing! It’s when you get one of those “ no shit Sherlock “ comments or you get that enraged jealous feeling like you got “scooped”. (as the journalist say). 😠 It happened to me last week— I “ coined” a phrase years and years ago ( early 80’s ) “ Don’t sweat the small shit and its all small shit!“ ( now I don’t know if I was the first person to say that or conceive of the mindset behind it ) but just the other day  I saw a book with that title ( well he used “stuff” instead of “shit” ) -authored by Richard Carlson. I was pissed - I almost did not want to read it !! ( I did anyhow,  and admittedly he did a good job, I learned something more and reaffirmed the truth of the title) Sure I wished I would have thought it through and written a book 30 years ago but I was too busy thinking about how brilliant I was. 😝  . The point here is threefold 

1- being a “lone wolf” and thinking you already know everything is, at the worst, really dangerous or, at best, a waste of your valuable time.

2-reading will give you a couple of thousand-year head start on the average human.

3-Investing in your own brain will give you the greatest return over any other type or kind of investment.


When you study the greats that have gone before you I will bet 99% of them read like crazy😜