I use my reusable note book everyday

I was kind of skeptical at first - I thought this would be like writing on a whiteboard, you know very temporary if you touch it wipes off,  too smooth feeling that just doesn't usually feel very expressive. But once I tried it I was surprised at how close it was to "normal notebook" feeling. Now I just can't imagine being without it.
Here is what I found.
  • The pages feel the same as normal paper -with the exception that they are slightly smoother in “tooth” than your average fiber paper.
  • The pages are not as smooth as “photo Printing’ paper, Nor do they have that “whiteboard -squeaky” feeling.
  • The Special ink does not “soak” into the surface, so it only goes where you put it. that said, you will find that a new intersecting line replaces an old line or field-the ink does not “stack”.
  • I found that one can manipulate the ink the instant before it dries, but once dry it will not smudge.
  • Moisture affects the ink but not the pages-so if you are feeling inspired you can play with washes and blends.
  • This is a new media for the artist in you - however, for the most part, you will not notice the difference from ordinary paper, except for the added smoothness and flow of the pen and how cleanly it erases.
  • I have to say the ease of using the app to capture the work is COOL and “fulfilling”-like publishing your work,” because that is exactly what you are doing -without distortion, save it, manipulate, share, organize, immortalize forever.
  • Some say one should never erase artwork-I agree! 1) Capturing it digitally shields it from fire, water, and TIME. 2) If you love the actual page -save it -seal it from moisture and protect it from heat as you would any other media. (a priceless original)
  •  The special pens are a  bit pricey, However, One comes with the book, they last a long time —(AND I found a non-recommended alternative. (sshh- you can find them from China. M&G "Hotclean" pens - I don't think they are as good as the Pilot but I don't think you'll notice unless you do a side by side comparison.

 So I bought a few for gifts and turned a few friends and designers onto them and they were as delighted as I  was. In the professional world, we are always going to meetings and taking notes -doing quick sketches in front of clients -and these just feel better than a clumsy whiteboard -they are more "personal" -you can save the winning sketch in the meeting minutes for everybody with the app instantly and erase any unneeded stuff and start over for the next meeting.

When I  traveled to visit clients I found myself being "stingy" with my one normal notebook -because I only had so many pages with me - so I was just a bit more conservative about sketching, not wanting to waste paper or poorly render an idea, now if I make an error or I just want to improve an ink line instead of starting over I just do a quick erase and fix, even "doodle away" and then remove the unwanted bits with more confidence and freedom.

So do I like it ?? Absolutely!